Restating financial statements

Hey everybody, I'm a bit behind on this one and still need to finish it off, but here it is. I'm struggling with my income statements. I think this would be the most difficult assessment so far and any advice would be really appreciated. Did anyone struggle with restating their income statements? Bayer Company Spreadsheet [...]

Assignment 1 DRAFT

ASSIGNMENT 1 Good afternoon everyone! Please have a look at my draft assignment. Any feedback, pointers or support you can give me will be very appreciated with me. This is my first attempt at study in many years, I am pretty rusty and also very nervous about submitting an assignment! Let me know what you [...]


Bayer is a German company with a focus on pharmaceuticals, health care and agriculture. Something that interests me in particular about my company would be their ventures in Crop Science and their progress with the acquisition of Monsanto, an american listed company which has also been focused on agriculture. Reading their Annual Report 2016, I [...]